Initially established in 1881, Belgrade sits a quick fifteen minutes outside of Bozeman and is a part of the Gallatin Valley. Much like the rest of the county, this quiet little town has been growing over the past few years. Still, settling into Belgrade feels a bit like stepping back into an era where neighbors break bread together, and the mail carrier knows you by name. Residents can enjoy the timeless small-town feel that envelops the town while appreciating the amenities available just down the road in Bozeman.


Choosing where you live isn't just about the house you call your own, but the community you're a part of, too. For parents, that means considering any potential school district. Currently, the Belgrade School District is made up of five schools and has its sight set on growth. Recently awarded a 48 million dollar bond through a majority vote, the Belgrade school district is looking to expand to accommodate its growing number of students and their needs.

Community Events

Belgrade's community is a quaint, tight-knit one. It's residents come together year-round to gather as friends and neighbors at a variety of events put on by the town. Whether you're picking out local produce to live music at the summer Farmer's Market, taking your kids to storytime at the library, or seeking out one-on-one business advice from a free seminar, Belgrade has something for you. Visit the Chamber of Commerce to see a list of events going on in and around Belgrade.


Tucked off I-90 in the foothills of the Bridger Mountains is one of the West's best-kept secrets to date. But if you're lucky enough to be familiar with Bozeman, you know that to know it is to love it. The metropolitan town is an anomaly, bringing together a handful of qualities that are hard to find anywhere else. Residents can take part in the classic Montana lifestyle of slow paces and solid values while enjoying more modern amenities that regularly exist in big cities.

Here, it's not uncommon to be driving down backroads lined with livestock one minute and sitting in a posh restaurant sipping artisan cocktails the next. Whether you're just starting out, looking for somewhere to settle with your family, or scoping out a place for retirement, Bozeman is a thriving area with a variety of tastes that can accommodate you.

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Montana State University

One of the most vibrant parts of living in Bozeman is the university that is tucked right outside of downtown. Founded in 1893 as an agricultural college, Montana State University has grown from its first eight students to nearly 17,000 and is an integral part of the Bozeman community. While there are many aspects of the university that evokes the town's pride, it's football that has people bleeding blue and gold. You can find fans cheering the season-opening Catwalk parade, bundled around heaters at a snowy tailgate, or cheering their hearts out from the stadium. To find out more about the university and the wonderful things its students are up to, you can visit their website below.

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Downtown Atmosphere

It's well-known in Bozeman, that if you're looking for entertainment, you head for downtown. At its heart sits Main Street, an old-school, shotgun road that stretches the length of downtown, lined with some of Bozeman's most interesting attractions. Day or night, downtown is buzzing with locals who are out and about. While the sun is up, you can shop the latest trends at sleek boutiques like Posh or Evergreen and refuel with a coffee from artisan cafés like Rockford or Treeline.

When night rolls around, choose your dinner spot from farm-to-table eateries like Blackbird, or classic joints like Burger Bob's. And when it comes to nightlife, there's no shortage of options or style. Whether you're looking to sip handmade cocktails in moody light of a speakeasy, or swing dance at a local dive, there's no shortage of options in the buzzing downtown of Bozeman.

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Family-Friendly Events

As a town comprised of a large number of young families, Bozeman has taken the initiative of creating many family-friendly events that take place throughout the year. In the summertime, parents can enjoy the entertainment of Music on Main while their kids play freely on Main Street. You can spend your mornings perusing the local farmers market while your little ones play in Bogart Park.

When the air starts to cool down and fall rolls in, families can enjoy activities like trying your hand at Bozeman Straw Bale Maze on East Valley Center Road near Belgrade, or trick or treating your way down Main Street on Halloween. Whatever the season, there is always something going on in town for families to enjoy together.

Outdoor Attitude-minded Lifestyle

Living in Bozeman means having access to an endless list of outdoor adventures that are just waiting for you. An adventuresome spirit isn't hard to find in this town, as those who choose to live here want to do so for a reason. Locals view the great outdoors as their own backyard, working hard during the week and getting lost in their off time, any chance they can.

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Numerous Hiking Trails

Bozeman and its surrounding areas are home to dozens of trails that snake their way throughout Gallatin County. With a variety of terrain and elevation, locals can find whatever they’re looking for. Get in a quick morning hike with the dogs before work on the Gallagator, run Drinking Horse for a good challenge, or bike the Mystic Lake. If you’re looking for a comprehensive list with more details, look here.

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Blue Ribbon Trout Streams

Fisheries get awarded blue ribbon status when they meet a variety of exceptional qualities. And we’re proud to say that Gallatin Valley is full to the brim with them. Head over to the Yellowstone River for more than 200 miles of high-quality trout waters, hit the Madison if you want to challenge your technique, or spend the day on the Gallatin for picturesque alpine views and crystal clear waters.

Yellowstone National Park

An Hour and 30 Minutes Away

Just a short drive away from town is one of the greatest wonders our nation has to offer. Being so close to Yellowstone is a gift that few get to experience. Both the warm and cold months have something unique to offer to visitors on the hunt for a one of a kind experience. You can spend the day observing wildlife, watching Old Faithful, or taking in the Grand Prismatic Spring. To truly immerse yourself in the environment, consider a backpacking trip or cross country bike ride through the park for a few or more days.

Top Ranked Skiing in the Nation

The mountains are one of the biggest draws for those who make their way to Bozeman, and it’s not just for their beauty. Avid skiers couldn’t ask for a better location to call home for the majority of the year. Just down the road in Big Sky, Montana, waits for some of the top-ranked skiing in the country. Much like the name implies, Big Sky is officially the largest ski area in the country. Skiers can enjoy extreme altitudes and massive runs completely uninterrupted by traffic that is common at other ski areas of this stature.

Big Sky Resort

An Hour Away

As America's largest ski resort, Big Sky Resort offers heaps of to get out and get going on your favorite winter or summer activities. Don't let the big title deter you regarding visitor density. While the resort is nationally renowned, it's commended for its short to non-existent lift lines, with lots of running room on its 300 runs. Beginners can sign up for lessons through the resort to get started, while experienced visitors looking to find more extreme trails can find them across Lone Peak's 11,000+ ft of elevation.

Big Sky Resort

Bridger Bowl

A Half an Hour Away

One of the most appealing aspects of living in Bozeman is sitting at the foothills of the Bridgers. And the appeal is more than just the view. In a matter of twenty minutes, locals can make it from their front stoop to the parking lot of Bridger Bowl. More of a local secret than Big Sky, the smaller Bridger Bowl still boasts some incredible runs for ski or snowboarding enthusiasts.

Bridger Bowl