Meet Shawn Bates, Sales Manager at Prescott Ranch

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The Bates team behind Prescott Ranch is a family affair, and you can see how keeping it all in the family makes a big impact on the home quality here. One of the best ways to get a feel for the upscale offerings at Prescott Ranch is to go straight to their sales center, where you’re likely to meet Shawn Bates, the group’s Sales Manager. In a chat with Shawn, he gets into the process behind Prescott Ranch, how the business operates, and what he loves most about his job.


How would you describe Prescott Ranch to someone you were just meeting on the street?

I want to say it’s more of an upscale — keyword in here “upscale” — master-planned subdivision for Belgrade…We have 641 houses, and they’ll all be built by the same builder, and so it will be very uniform. All our landscaping is going to be done for a very nice, finished product. 

The features that we include at the purchase price are upgrades for most other builders. So we include air conditioning and landscaping, fencing, everything we do is the next level up… So essentially, we’re trying to provide value by providing higher-level finished goods, and if we do it at scale, mass production, we can give you more value for the money. When you look at all you get with these houses, it’s a good value. 


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Tell me a little bit about your job as a sales manager.

My family’s always been in real estate. I grew up, my dad was a real estate broker, developer, and I always knew I was going to do it, get into it. My brother is funny, he always said he was going to build the houses, and I said, “I’ll sell them.” When we were teenagers, we were saying that. And here we are. 

My dad’s the one that bought the land and developed it; my brother builds the houses… We’re six kids in the family, and five of the six all work for the company. So it’s a family event. 


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What gets you most excited about the homes at Prescott Ranch? 

I would say that they’re different — they are better or higher quality. We do a really good job with professional architects, architects out of LA. My brother’s been building forever, and my dad’s been a developer forever. So, all the fine little details that people want [are there]. We’re doing it on a scale of 600 homes so that we can amortize professional architects and interior designers over the 600 houses, and we don’t mind paying those costs upfront. But our finished product is just that much better as a result. 

And it’s tough to see that just through the pictures. But when you walk through one of our houses and start touching and feeling things, we know you’ll say, “Wow, this house is better than the competition.”


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What is your favorite part of your job as a sales manager? 

You know, I think it’s all about the people. That’s always been my thing. And in real estate, you get to talk to a lot of different people, meet them, and help them. A home purchase is a big decision. It’s a big event in anybody’s life. And to know I get to help them, take care of them right… I guess I’m a nurturer that way. I never really thought of myself as a nurturer, but there you go. 

Stop in at the sales center to meet Shawn in person and find out more about your dream home at Prescott Ranch.