The Story of Bates Homes


As a family-owned and operated business, Bates Homes puts the focus where it belongs: on you, the homebuyer. You don’t have to compete with a shareholder to get recognition since you already have top priority here. Find out a little more about the company’s history and see how the gears turn at Bates Homes.




Following the Leader

The company owes its start to the decades of development experience that family patriarch Fred, Sr., brings to the table. It is truly a family affair with his sons Shawn, sales manager at Prescott Ranch, and Fred, Jr., the builder, working together on this project, which has been in the works for a while. 

That family connection keeps the business-focused, and Shawn indicates it is an arrangement they’ve been thinking about since they were young. “My brother is funny, he always said he was going to build the houses, and I said ‘I’ll sell them,’” he said. “When we were teenagers, we were saying that. And here we are.”

It started even before that, with the kids learning about escrow at the dinner table, and being recruited to mow lawns and put in fences for their dad’s developments when they were growing up. And now one of Shawn’s sons works here as well, letting the family business come full circle. 




All in the Family

“My dad’s the one that bought the land and developed it, my brother builds the houses,” Shawn said. “We’re six kids in the family, and five of the six all work for the company. One’s an accountant, my sister sells houses in Reno, Nevada, for our company, and then my other sister’s in marketing, and my brother’s the contractor. So it’s a family event.” 

Shawn has been a real estate broker for over 20 years, and Fred Jr. has been building homes since right out of high school. With so many skills in this family, on top of combined decades of experience between the five siblings, it’s clear why Bates Homes has found so much success serving homebuyers. 




From Our Family to Yours

When you step inside the sales center at Prescott Ranch, you can already pick up on that warmth and welcome. The people here to assist you with finding your dream home are ones who care—about you and your goals, as well as about providing top quality for the best value. 

Keep in mind, family-owned doesn’t mean small. The focus at Bates Homes stays on the buyer, and at the same time, they’re thinking big. The method of producing homes in bulk keeps the cost down for the customer while increasing quality in the details and big picture for each property. 

You can see this system at work in Prescott Ranch, where elegant finishings and impeccable details meet at an unprecedented value. Bates Homes builds in batches to transfer added benefits to the buyer. This allows each home to have seamless floor plans designed by award-winning architects, while the finishings—from stone countertops to expansive windows and intelligent climate control—are a cut above the competition while remaining affordable.

To find out more about Bates Homes and Prescott Ranch, come on in to see the process for yourself.