Prescott Ranch Homes |Unique Among Bozeman Home Builders


Prescott Ranch is a unique kind of neighborhood. In this development, it’s all about finding your dream home, with a focus on effortless design and ultimate luxury for an affordable price. How do they do it? Builder and developer, Bates Homes brings a different take to the homebuilding arena, and you can see it at work in Prescott Ranch. Here’s what sets these homes apart from those would find from other builders in Bozeman and Belgrade.



The batch method of production at Prescott Ranch passes along a whole host of benefits to the homebuyer. This process means that each home benefits from the experience of a custom builder, for a traditional value. Prescott Ranch includes high-end finishings, award-winning design, and all of the modern additions, but with considerable savings to the buyer because each stage is completed for several homes at once.  

They can scale production efficiently to pass along the benefits of a high-end product to the buyer, without having to pay a high-end price. But at the same time, the family presence in the business means you’ll never feel like your needs get lost in the shuffle.





We mentioned those modern amenities and high-end finishings, and those are included with any home type at Prescott Ranch. Many other builders offer a standard option, with upgrades—for a price—from there. But Prescott Ranch steers away from “standard,” making quality the baseline. That benefit gets passed on to you as the homebuyer because you get higher quality without the unreasonable price tag. 

That means that stone countertops and high-end appliances are the starting point, inviting an atmosphere of luxury and comfort into every home. You’ll see it in every little detail. All the drawers and cabinets are soft-close, and even the windows are two feet wider than the average width you’ll find from other homes in Belgrade, letting in more light and broader Montana views. 

The hood vent runs the smoke and smell all the way out of the house, not just passing it through a filter and recirculating it, so those odors are really gone. The 9-foot ceilings and 8-foot front doors add to the spacious feeling in the open-concept floor plans, ensuring you and your family have plenty of room to grow.





The process at Prescott Ranch is seamless: one company does the buying, the developing, the building, and the selling, plain and simple. That makes it easy for you as the buyer since you won’t see third-party markups, and the focus stays on you, rather than shareholder interests. 

When you come into the sales center, located right at the entrance to the neighborhood, you have the perfect tactile experience at your fingertips. Flip through finishing options, picking from cabinets and countertops to meld your dream home if you’re planning for a move-in date a little further out. Or tour the model homes on display and pick a property already in production to get the process moving faster.





Bates Homes, the developer behind Prescott Ranch, has a family emphasis. It’s family-owned and operated, with three generations now working at the company. That means Bates Homes stays accountable to the homebuyer, not catering to shareholders with misplaced priorities. It’s all about building your dream home.

To find out more about the Prescott Ranch difference, click here to schedule a visit to the neighborhood sales center.